I’ve been looking for an opportunity to get the blog thing going, only inasmuch as I believe it to be a great tool for gathering a community-wide discussion about particular issues that are relevant to our time, and impact us directly – where we live, so to speak. There are many, many wonderful individuals who work, volunteer, affect, and are affected by events of the day right here and have ideas; opinions; and resources… why not bring them together and talk about them?

Recently, I was hired on as a program coordinator for the Sexual Assault Support Services [SASS] program, and have now, I believe, a perfect focus for promoting dialogue and discussion around. Too often, many of us gather collectively for meetings and updates, maybe even a conference or two, but the continuation of an on-going conversation ends when the particular event or meeting ends… Ideas DO percolate, and perhaps follow-up ensues, but check-ins, and timelines are not what I am talking about. How do we expect to affect change in and around in our current cultural landscapes, if no affective chance of changing norms can take place? One-to-one, one-to-a-few, can certainly offer trickles of dissemination, but how much more effective if we possess the ability to forum more with each other. Perhaps a spark can be ignited. This particular medium seems to be the coin of the realm for today, so why not utilize it?

Just to make things perfectly clear, this is a personal blog, not contingent on my work, but will certainly be responsive to it; hence the use of my alter-ego and not my Clark Kent by-day guise. It will be my hope to bring on other voices on or into the pot to stir up other points of view as well. For now, I’d like to get this launched and see what sort of catalyst it generates for making more noise about particular issues here locally, and how our community deals with them.


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