Survivor’s Call For Action

CRicosnapA Hate Crime Survivor has created a new site to raise awareness: Try Love, Not Hate.

“I was choking on blood face down on the ground before I even realized what was happening to me. As I struggled to crawl to my feet, I was greeted by thunderous kicks to my ribs and my temple and the venomous and inconceivable cry, “die fucking faggot.” Here in Palm Springs, alone and without warning I was being gay bashed. Two strangers filled with hatred, and clear intent, were trying to end my life simply because of who I am.


Unlike Matthew Sheppard and countless others, I survived to tell my story. Crumpled in a heap with my clothes ripped and my nose flattened to my face, I survived to face police, firemen, and E.M.Ts who approached me with distance and distain, suggesting with their tone and indifference that I had somehow brought this upon myself. Their homophobia was as palpable as the blood and dirt that stained my teeth.


On Wednesday, May 3rd our country took a step in the right direction when the House of Representatives passed the Matthew Shepard Act, also known as the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 (LLEHCPA)… President Bush has already promised a veto if it passes the Senate, which is by no means a sure thing.” [TLNH]


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