Roils the Blood: Ex-Mayor of Wasilla Bills Rape Kits to Victims

Despite the law and protocols of other jurisdictions around the state, the Hamlet of Wasalia – under leadership of S Palin – believe that victims of sexual assault are responsible for their own forensic evidence collection.

From Jo Fish @ Firedoglake:

Count me in among those who think that this is easily the single most disgusting thing I have seen since the 1600 Crew allowed Abu Gonzales to run the Justice Department. The village idiot of Wasilla could run up debts in excess of $20 million dollars during her tenure, but providing law enforcement (a government service) on a pay-as-you-go basis under the guise of “protect and serve” for women who have been raped hits a new low even among republicans who are law-enforcement junkies willing to toss a DFH in jail for a bad haircut.

Here’s the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman piece: Knowles Signs Sexual Assault Bill. At least they didn’t use the We don’t have that problem here gambit.

Update: Smoking gun evidence from HuffPo via Amanda.

Update II: From Amie Newman’s Blog at

…But the extraordinary levels of violence against women in the state of Alaska and the underlying causes still require a much greater level of state-level funding and oversight. According to the Alliance for Reproductive Justice, who lobbied to address Alaska’s rates of domestic violence and sexual assault, when explicitly asked to address these issues in 2007, the Governor did not respond. The Alliance has this to say on their web site:

“Governor Palin did not deliver and did not take a leadership role on any of these issues. In fact, this year, when there was a 7 billion dollar state surplus she did not step up to the plate for the women and children of Alaska…we were truly disappointed with her lack of action on this critical public health issue.”

Most of Alaska’s funding for sexual assault and violence against women programs comes from the federal government…

The whole piece is a must read.


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