John Ensign Blames McCain for making his job “a lot more difficult”

As Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee it’s his job to help Republicans win Senate seats, a tough job after the nation wised up to the Rove/Cheney heist of the last eight years.

Ensign to MSNBC:

“There’s no question the top of the ticket is affecting our Senate races and it’s making it a lot more difficult,” and added, “It’s a fairly toxic atmosphere out there with the financial crisis for Republicans.”

But the blame can’t be entirely laid on McCan’t, the entire GOP drank their own kool-aid.

Note this from Soren Dayton’s Blog at The Next Right:

“Maybe the problem is us. The lesson of this election for Republicans cannot be about John McCain, although he has his faults. It has to be about the establishment and us. Our leaders have lead us astray. It is probably time to find new leaders. Rank and file Republicans get that. That’s why the last two guys standing were the farthest from the establishment: John McCain and Mike Huckabee.

Until the establishment in Congress and party accept that they are part of the problem, we are just going to continue to lose more seats and continue to destroy our party and our movement. McCain isn’t doing that.”

Welcome to the party guys!

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