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Tragic Loss

Via Towleroad Christine Daniels, 52, LA Times sportswriter whom I triumphed earlier while transitioning, was found dead in her home. Authorities suspect the cause of death as suicide.

Last year Christine went back to the name Mike Penner in her byline. This is devastating.


John McCain’s [Air Quote] Woman’s Health [/Air Quote]

Samantha Bee rocks it!

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Joe Biden’s VAWA-Created Domestic Violence Hotline Receives 2 Millionth Call

The Campaign Silo’s Christy Hardin Smith has the most amazing tribute video and post.

RHRealityCheck: Max and Failed Abstinence-Only Programs

Max Siegel is a brave young man.
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Part 2:
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Lots of good stuff:

Rape Victim

WAMP – Women Against McCain Palin –

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The Planned Parenthood Action Fund released this video highlighting key McShame and Failin policies affecting women.

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Mukasey Overturns Decision in Female Genital Mutilation Asylum Case

US Attorney General Michael Mukasey overturned a federal court decision Monday in a case for Alima Traore, a Malian woman seeking asylum. The Fed’s rational? Well, since her genitalia had already been mutilated, she has nothing further to fear!

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