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Tragic Loss

Via Towleroad Christine Daniels, 52, LA Times sportswriter whom I triumphed earlier while transitioning, was found dead in her home. Authorities suspect the cause of death as suicide.

Last year Christine went back to the name Mike Penner in her byline. This is devastating.


“They cut all over my private parts.” But the evidence is suppressed

“They cut all over my private parts.” But the evidence is suppressed.

It’a A Gamble

Nevada cracks me up! Early voters could vote in grocery stores right along side their favorite slot machine.

Barack Obama Opposes Prop 8

Barack Obama Oppses Prop 8, the anti-marriage amendment

VOTE: Don’t Let Anyone Stop You

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From Color of Change

First Nations: First Americans for Obama

I. Love. This. This. Man!

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Wow! Publicani *Gift* $150 Thousand to Clothe and Dress VP Candidate!

The Politico reports that since her introduction onto the national stage, the RNC has spent more than four-times the annual income of average Joe-sixpack and the likes of Not-Joe-Not-the-Plumber – on Princess Caribou Barbie for clothes and makeup. While recession looms as an inevitability for most Americans, Prince Charming John McShame’s elitist handler’s are trying to downplay the issue.

Remind me! of who it was again who made such a fuss over a $400 haircut last Spring?