San Diego Mayor Stands Up For Marriage Equality

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San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders discusses his personal journey to becoming a supporter of marriage equality. Thank you Lisa for raising such a great dad!

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Michelle Obama: South Side Girl

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It’a A Gamble

Nevada cracks me up! Early voters could vote in grocery stores right along side their favorite slot machine.

Kristof: “After Tuesday, Let’s Rejoin the World.”

For eight years, the United States has been in self-imposed exile…

Nicholas D. Kristof lays out a summary opinion of the Bush legacy and what lies ahead for the next elected President, and how to rebuild our cred.

He starts:

Bush’s presidency imploded not because of any personal corruption or venality, but largely because he wrenched the United States out of the international community. His cowboy diplomacy “defriended” the United States. He turned a superpower into a rogue country.

‘Course he doesn’t touch the Cheney/Rove venality, but that may be for another day…

Sunday Sublime: Rita Coolidge ~ We are all alone

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Happy Birthday Tink my love!!

Barack Obama – El sueño americano

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Beautifully done!

No on Prop 8 : Courage Campaign

What will the church plan to take away next?

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have donated over $20 million to the hate-filled Yes on Prop 8 Campaign. Current polls show the battle neck-to-neck despite the heavily $ infusions by the church. This is Civil Marriage we’re talking here folks, the churches should be spending their lucre on cleaning their own homes and stay out of everyone else’s.

An update: Newlywed Author David Jefferson offers a very poignant piece at Newsweek on the personal impact of the election’s outcome.