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538: Road to 270: Nevada

Election forecast via fivethirtyeight.com:

Three big races in Nevada — the presidential race, which favors Obama, and two House races. Incumbent Jon Porter is in a tossup contest with Dina Titus, who unsuccessfully ran for Governor two years ago. Turnout will be the key, and the incredible Obama operation will help a rising tide lift all boats. Jill Derby (D) and incumbent Dean Heller (R) are in a rematch from two years ago in the 2d House district, which encompasses all of the state minus most of Clark County, and Republicans worry they will lose this seat in a wave. Derby is a good candidate, and has worked the rural parts of her district for years. People know her, and it’s not hard to envision some McCain-Derby voters. Heller remains favored, but this is one of those that every last drop of GOTV has to make the Heller folks very nervous.


RGJ: Dems surpass Repubs in registered voters


Democrats now outnumber Republicans in Washoe County for the first time since 1978, the Washoe County registrar Dan Burk confirmed this afternoon.

As of 2:45 p.m., Democrats had 958 more registered voters than Republicans in Washoe County. However, that number will continue to change over the next several days as registrar officials input new voter registrations. The office is still working through a backlog of applications turned in through registration drives. And prospective voters are reportedly lined up out the door to register this afternoon. Tomorrow is the deadline to register in person and is expected to be a busy day.